Bible Says Israelis Can Live Anywhere

In any society there are those who believe “their people” have been chosen by God or destiny to inhabit certain regions of the world. Moshe Ya’alon, a minister in the Netanyahu Cabinet, said that Jews have an “unassailable right” to “settle anywhere, particularly here, the land of the Bible.” Ya’alon recently set off a furor when he told a group of his opposition to Obama efforts to impose a housing freeze on the West Bank. He made clear is distaste for Americans and told one and all, he was “not afraid of the Americans.”

The only person who should send a shock into the hearts of Israelis is Ya’alon and his wild ideas about having Israel control a large swath of the Middle East. Israelis never cease expressing their anger at Hamas for saying they will not recognize the state of Israel. Hamas’ statements are used to justify no negotiation. I assume Israelis now believe Palestinians have a right to refuse negotiation until the Netanyahu government promises they do not agree with Ya’alon.

By the way, I am moving out of my apartment now that Mr. Ya’alon has given sanction to American Indians to take over any land or property they desire.