Bid To Dismiss Charges Against Omar Khadr Fails

Lawyers for Guantanamo prisoner Omar Khadr lost their bid to have charges against him dropped due to unlawful procedures surrounding the case. The military judge presiding over the case of a Canadian boy decided that senior official General Thomas Hartmann did not improperly influence military prosecutors who were handling the case. Two judges had already dismissed the general from other cases due to his conduct. At the pre-trial hearing for Khadr last month, Hartmann was described as overbearing and tactless and alleged to have over-stepped his role as legal advisor and became instead the “defacto chief prosecutor.” However, Col. Patrick Parrish ruled that Hartmann could not provide any legal advice because there was feeling he was not impartial.

Khadr is charged with a war crime when as a 16 year old boy he supposedly was responsible for the death of an American soldier. The case has become controversial because of numerous allegations that Khadr was tortured and that his confession was obtained due to coercion.