Biden Oinks Republicans

Vice President Joe Biden upsets many people  because he tells it as it is. Joe is a
Democratic throw back to leaders like  Franklin Roosevelt who blasted Wall Street or Harry Truman who never held back when attacking Republicans. Modern Democrats believe it is undignified to say  terrible things about Republicans because that appears to be “partisan.” Oh, my God, imagine  President Obama expressing a partisan comment!

Joe Biden made clear to Republicans they were squealing pigs when becoming upset at his remark that Wall Street held the American people in chains. Imagine a party which has claimed:

1. Obama was born in Africa

2. Obama is a Muslim.

3. Obama is not a “real American.”

4. Obama “hates America.”

becoming upset at Biden remarks: “What’s bold about gutting Medicare and education to pay for tax cuts? We’ve seen this movie before. It ends with the Great Recession of 2008?

Oink to those who preach hatred and lie about the president of the United States of America!