Biden Was Right, Barack Was Not

The history of guerrilla warfare has long been studied. During the history of the United States of America there was constant guerrilla warfare between 1783–1890s when Indian tribes were finally defeated. After the end of the Spanish-American War, the US fought guerrillas in the Philippines for four years. During WWII, our ally Chiang kai-Shek in China led a corrupt inefficient government which rejected American advice and Chiang lost China. We intervened in a civil war in Korea and one in Vietnam. So, we are experts on how to win or lose a guerrilla war.

Vice President Joe Biden sent a memo to President Obama during discussions about a surge in Afghanistan. “I do not see how anyone who took part in our discussions could emerge without profound questions about the viability of our counterinsurgency. To work, the counterinsurgency doctrine requires military gains to be paired with advances in government service, a ‘credible’ Afghanistan government, and Afghan security forces that can take over.”

Biden’s points were exactly those of American generals and diplomats about China during the 1940s and Vietnam during the 1960s. When will we ever learn from history??