Big Brother Is On Our Side

In 2008 the people of America elected as their president a man named Barack Obama. He had  taught constitutional  law and promised the inhabitants of t his fair land to restore the basic principles of democracy that George Bush has tarnished in his frenzied approach to fighting “terrorism.” It now appears according to documents released by Edward Snowden that Obama and his Justice Department have cooperated with organizations such as Microsoft in order to intercept and read documents belonging to ordinary citizens in order to deter “terrorism.” Little did we Americans know that Microsoft worked with the FBI in order to ensure  that what we send is read by our protectors. Little did we know the FBI, the National Security Agency and God knows who else reads everything we write.

Microsoft argues that “the need to comply with   existing  or future lawful demands.” In  other words, it is NOT their fault they turn  over to government everything that comes into their jurisdiction. They are not an independent company, they work for the government in order to ensure that we Americans are safe and secure.

Oh, Microsoft has “clear principles.” Microsoft will “take our commitments to our customers and to compliance with applicable law very seriously.” Funny, I do not recall being informed by Microsoft that what I write is read by dozens of   agencies.