Big Government OK Say Opponents

Among the mysteries of modern life is why libertarians and anti-government Republicans support allowing government representatives to halt people on the streets and check their IDs. For those who fear black helicopters descending from the skies to seize one’s weapons, it is rather strange why this  person insists Federal authorities and local police can halt anyone and demand identification. Judge Sarah Barker issued an injunction against  enforcement of an Indiana law which allows warrantless arrests of people and declares invalid their possession of a counselor ID. As she put it, this law, “effects warrantless arrests for matters that are not crimes.”

My question–how does a cop know which person on the street has a counselor ID? In reality, this law allows any policeman to half any citizen and demand an ID. Welcome to the land of Big Brother. I await another filibuster by Senator Rand Paul against this form of Big Government.