Big Society Is Big Brother To All

David Cameron has been prime minister for nearly a year and he has spent his time working for the betterment of his party, which, in his view is the purpose of leading a government. The Arts and Humanities Council (AHRC) has been told that if anyone in the academic world would like money in order to conduct their research it is expected they will pursue the goals of the Big Society. Now, what is the Big Society? It is the Conservative Party’s goals for the United Kingdom. After all, if you are interested in researching any aspect of what is going on in the country, it only makes sense that you should pursue helping to make England a Big Society. If people went off on their own, we would turn up with a Small Society when it is important to become a Big One. According to Professor Mandler, “they say it is their right to set the priorities for how the funding is distributed.”

David Cameron is a “Conservative” who believes government should not interfere with the rights of individuals. Like most conservatives, the less government there is, the better it is for the nation. That principle is quite clear. So, if you want to engage in research, it makes sense to wind up finding evidence the truth is what conservatives conclude. For example, Cameron has cut spending in order to create more jobs. Latest figures reveal unemployment is growing.

Couldn’t you please research why the figures are wrong?