Bigotry Is Another Name For Australia

A long term study by the University of Western Sydney(UWS) in Australia has uncovered a deep well of bigotry and hatred toward minority groups in the nation. It examined views of 12,500 people regarding their attitudes toward people of other cultural, ethnic and religious groups. According to the study, Australians believe themselves to be tolerant of other people, but when pushed concerning their attitudes, examples of racial and religious hatred emerged. In fact, one in ten admitted they were bigoted. “They believe that some races are naturally inferior or superior, and they believe in the need to keep groups separated.” The study went on to claim, “these separatists ands supremacists are a destructive minority.”

The study revealed negative feeling was strongest toward Muslims with 48.6% of respondents admitting to anti-Islamic beliefs. About 28% harbored anti-Aboriginal views and about 24% just did not like Jews or Asians. Even in the most tolerant areas of Australia such as the Australian Capital Territory, 41% came out as hating Muslims. Ironically, 87% agreed that Australia should be a society which included those of different cultures, but 40% were concerned that these minority groups might prefer being with those of their own ilk.

It just goes to prove that we humans are bigots underneath the skin–regardless of our country of origin.