Bigotry Leads To Death In Czech Republic

The world is quite aware of the Holocaust which resulted in death of six million Jews in Europe, but few know that Nazi forces also killed thousands of Roma people. In many cases, killing Roma did not arouse anger in certain parts of eastern Europe anymore than did killing Jews. Most Jews have left eastern Europe, but the Roma remain. Prejudice, hatred, and violence are still found in many areas of Eastern Europe which ends with brutality and death to Romas.

Milan Juhasz, a policeman, did not report for duty. He want to a Roma house and proceeded to kill the father, his son, his son-in-law and wound other members of the family. In the Czech Republic, violence toward Roma is not unusual.  Human rights activist, Irena Biharova, warned the public response would most probably lead to “mass glorification of the murderer and hateful responses to the victims.”

I think we in America are familiar with blaming the victim and making George Zimmerman a hero for murdering a defenseless boy.