Bill Clinton Hears Fat Lady Singing In Distance

Former president Bill Clinton campaigning for his wife in South Dakota uttered a wistful comment about the future of her bid for the presidential nomination by saying, “this may be the last day I’m involved in a campaign of this kind.” The politically astute man from Arkansas may well have heard the proverbial fat lady’s voice echoing in the distance as the opera commences its final moments of performance. After tonight, Senator Barack Omba will undoubtedly have sufficient votes to take him over the fifty percent margin and ensure his triumph at the Democratic convention. However, Senator Hillary Clinton’s tough minded supporter, Harold Ickes, pointed out in a campaign in which over 4,000 delegates have the power to decide who wins, a margin of 150 votes reflects ” a dead heat.”

Unfortunately, for Ickes and Hillary Clinton it makes no difference if it is 150 or five or one, because in the end, whoever has a majority wins the battle. The most important issue confronting Hillary Clinto is how she will pack up the end of campaigning and join together with Barack Obama to win the November election. If she pursues the fight right up to the convention, she may come across as a hero to many women, but she will have destroyed her career in the US Senate by antagonizing every Democratic member of that body. They will never forgive her if John McCain wins.

Hillary Clinton has many years ahead of her to put her mark on history. Ted Kennedy was forced to abandon his presidential ambitions in the 1980s and went on to an illustrious career in the Senate. The same is possible for Hillary Clinton.

  • Joseph Eulo

    Don’t get me wrong, I like John McCain too; he seems to be a great guy, personable, likable, a kind of guy that you could invite over to a BBQ. Yeah sure, I respect him for his military service. No it doesn’t bother me that he graduate in the bottom 5% of his class from the Naval Academy, (hey I dropped out of High school) or that he crashed 4 planes,(I crashed my car twice) or even that he was shot down on his first mission over Vietnam,(hey, I’m three time loser) or even the that he started singing like a bird when captured by the NVA, without being tortured, or that he cheated on his wife, while in office, and is trying to portray himself as the candidate for family values, hey who am I to judge, I’ve mad my fair share of mistakes and then some, so who am I to judge McCain for his.

    What really gets me is that some of your readers, won’t name any names, (hint:on a 2001 car trip to Florida), spoke about how Bush was going to do this, and bush was going to do that, and how the economy was going to be better. What happened? We started out with a surplus and eight years later were going to end up with the biggest deficit by a president ever recorded in history, and McCain supported Bush 95% of the time.

    Our economy has tanked, our Gas Prices have skyrocketed and everything from the cost of food to diapers has gotten insanely expensive. I won’t mention how many Americans lost their jobs, or the tax breaks to companies that ship American Jobs overseas. Maybe those of you that are well off can afford the basic necessities, or have a nest egg to carry you over until the economy gets better, but many Americans, including myself cannot.

    We went to war in IRAQ on a LIE, remember WMDs, 4,146 soldiers are dead 30,182 wounded for a LIE .How did Americans get duped into agreeing to spend 12 Billion a month in Iraq for a war that shouldn’t even be? So far we spent $368 billion on military operations, $45 billion more in veterans care, diplomatic services, training with that type of money we could of rebuilt the nation’s Infrastructure, invested in alternative energy and established our own Universal Healthcare.

    Come on, be honest, when “W” changed his focus from looking for Bin Laden in Afghanistan to invading Iraq, you weren’t all scratching your head thinking “why in the hell are we doing that?” Intelligent and hardworking Americans such as yourselves?, didn’t have any doubt about that decision? OK, ok, I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

    What about when the excuse for invading Iraq was proven to be a LIE, WMDs? How about then? Were you outraged? No. no, you just voted him back into office for another four years, with the excuse, “Well,we want him to finish what he started.” What!? Come on, wake up! If that was any other American, he would be in prison.

    John McCain has been in Washington for a long time, twenty-six years and nothing’s has changed. He is out of touch with reality. He doesn’t even understand economics and even admits it himself,

    “The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should,” McCain said on December 17 in New Hampshire,

    I’m astounded, How can smart, Intelligent, hardworking people want McCain for president? Don’t get me wrong, I like John McCain, even after all the crappy things he has done, even after all his flopping around on issues like a fish out of water, I like him, just not as my Next President!

    I am 36, and this will be my first election that I will vote in: presidential or otherwise. It’s Time for a change in Washington.

    It’s time for a president for the people, from the people, someone who has seen the same hardships that we have, made the same kind of sacrifices we made, and works hard for success, Think about that when you cast your ballot in November.