Bill Clinton Opposes Austerity Plans!

Former president Bill Clinton knows something about prosperity since under his administration, over 22 million jobs were created. He came out against current discussions by President Obama and Republicans to cut government expenditures and lower taxes. Clinton made several sensible points. The time for austerity he argues is when the economy is booming, not when it has reached low plateaus. Clinton told America that it is important to boost government spending, don’t worry about deficits and focus on getting a booming economy which produces high tax revenue. He fears current ideas will slow down the economy, result in less income for government and, ironically, a higher deficit. In other words, if one follows Republican(and Obama) ideas, cut the government, reduce expenditures which leads to an economic slow down which results in lower tax revenues which leads to higher deficits.

Is there any way we could once again elect Bill Clinton, the voice of common sense?