Bill Maher deserves a place in Heaven for uncovering a special collection of speeches made by Ronald Reagan in 1951 in which this great Republican mind spoke out about the issues of the day and warned about the evils of socialism.

One record entitled: “Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Seatbelts” has the great mind warning the American people that once government can tell us we must have seat belts the next thing on their agenda will be telling honest God-fearing Americans which side of the road they had to drive on and how fast they could go! Granted this is the young Ronnie which only proves how clairvoyant he was about how Republicans had to fight against excessive government regulation.

One record entitled: “Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Color TV” warns the American people if they allow color TV to become common their children’s minds will become visually excited and the next thing you know they will become homosexuals.

Ronnie, where are you now that America needs your clear thinking and voice for justice and the American way of life?

  • Paul

    I almost fell out of my chair when Bill showed these and played a couple of clips. I could not believe my ears! It simply shocks me at the display of such a low level of intelligence. I laughed, but in truth this is so indicative of the mentality of the Republicans, even today.

  • Rick C

    I wonder if Mahr realized that Reagan was a democrat when he did this, not a Republican. Reagan didn’t become a Republican until the 60’s.

  • Vic

    With that sort of “intelligence” .. he BELONGS in the republican party. LOL

    And they love him for it.

  • Obie

    I laughed out loud when I heard these predictions from Ronald Reagan. He might have been a Democrat when he made these statements but he probably would not have become the Democratic Nominee for President either. It is amazing what people were willing to believe in the 50’s and 60’s. Even now the Health Care fight reeks of the same fear mongoling predictions Reagan made about health care and socialism. I hope we all get smarter, but sometimes it doesn’t seem so.

  • Shane

    And now we have another political genius telling us that the automobile is the single greatest threat to mankind. And we don’t question him. Oh, but wait, we can’t question him because he is a member of the Liberal Elite Intelligentsia. Just shut up and drink the kool-aid!!!