Billy Graham Opts For Devil!

Billy Graham is a devout Christian who has spent his life working for those who believe in the Christian religion, but he has decided when confronted with the choice of a black skinned Christian vs one of those Mormon nonbelievers to to with the Mormon guy.  On numerous prior occasions, Graham has denounced Mormonism as “a false religion” but standing in the wing is a black dude.

In a full page newspaper ad, the Reverend Graham urged the faithful, “I strongly urge you to vote for the candidate who supports the biblical definition of marraige between a man and a woman,protect our sanctity of life, and defend our religious freedom.” In plain English this means do not vote for the Christian, vote for the Devil.

Son Franklin Graham told the media, he couldn’t say “categorically” that Mr. Obama was not a Muslim “because Islam has gotten a free pass”under his leadership. Wouldn’t it be great if the Grahams actually practiced Christianity??