Birth Control–What’s That Say Palin And McCain!

The announcement that Sarah Palin’s teenager daughter is pregnant has raised concerns regarding the governor’s views on sex education and making adolescents aware of safe sex procedures. Governor Palin has opposed sex education programs in Alaska schools. As she noted on a 2006 questionnaire, “the explicit sex-ed programs will not find my support.” Unfortunately, the record of Senator McCain is even further to the right than that of his colleague. When asked in 2007 by reporters whether he thought contraceptives help stop the spread of HIV, he replied; “You’ve stumped me.” Of course, he emphasized opposition to government sponsored programs to educate people about sexually transmitted diseases. When asked if he knew that condoms stop the spread of sexual diseases, the senator said he never got into those issues before and apparently had no interest in learning about them.

Two people are running for the highest offices in the United States of America who oppose sex education, believe in creationism, and have absolutely no understanding of diseases such as HIV. What’s wrong with America that two such ignorant individuals are running for high office?

  • Simon says

    You do it on purpose to scare the rest of us.

    As usual we are filled with incredulity and trepidation.