Birther Denier Gets Jail Sentence

Colonel Larkin is a medical doctor in the United States armed forces who received deployment orders to serve in Afghanistan. He not only is a doctor and member of the armed forces, but the colonel is a member of the birther movement which has decided that Barack Obama was not born in America, but in some obscure village in Kenya, There is no question that millions of people in the US and elsewhere believe the Devil brought little Barack Obama and then his mother was shocked at the sight of the little chimpanzee so she sent it back to Africa. Obviously, the good colonel has a right to believe any foolishness his heart desires. However, once in military service one promises to obey the orders of the commander-in-chief, but the good colonel decided not to obey the order because Barack Obama was not white and he had a funny name.

The issue is NOT free speech. The issue is obeying or not obeying lawful orders. Colonel Larkin has the right to believe any damn fool idea he wants, but that belief can not be used to justify disobeying an order.