Birther Wants To Be Reborn

Lt.Colonel Terrence Larkin is a man of conviction. He refused to go with his troops on their new deployment to Afghanistan because he was convinced the president of the United States had not been born in this country. He demanded that President Obama produce his birth certificate before he would go off to war. Of course, the state of Hawaii had produced the birth certificate, but Larkin is a born again birther. He is now facing a court martial and in court the colonel was in tears trying to explain his crazy ideas about where Obama was born–or not born. “I thought I was upholding the Army values by questioning this. I was wrong.” If he is so damn concerned about Army “values” why didn’t Larkin question Bush orders to invade Iraq in order to find WMD. He is now bawling all over the place and will lose his $45,000 a year pension.

As the Army prosecutor told him in court. “Colonel Larkin you instituted this court martial. You instituted this sentence. And for the rest of your life you get to live with a federal felon conviction.” Naturally, the other birther idiots in the court were upset.