Bishop Builds For Christ

Bishop Tebartz-van Elst is a man of God whose primary purpose in life is to honor the big guy up in the sky. He understands that if one is to serve Jesus then one must present an appearance of health and wealth since Catholics can not come across looking poor and decripit. He did take a low cost plane in order to meet with Pope Francis who listened to a story of wealth and then asked the good Bishop to retire to an ordinary apartment. The good bishop had built a $35 million “home” which also was used as a hotel for himself with all the nice things one obtains staying for the night in a hotel. There are reports that Donald Trump was the prime advisor for this man of God, then again, Donald regards himself as the servant of God-himself, that is. The report from the Vatican simply said: “a situation has been created in which the bishop can no longer exercise his episcopal duties.”

I assume that means he has some time out that enables him to visit a church. You know, the place one goes to to pray. Of course, the good bishop preferred praying at Trump Palace.