Bishop Tutu Fights For Gay Rights In Africa!

During the past half century the people of Africa finally gained their independence from colonial rulers, but the lesson of equality and freedom hardly appears to have sunk into the consciousness of Africans who currently are gripped by a homophobic rage that has resulted in brutal treatment of gays and lesbians. Bishop Desmond Tutu added his voice to those opposing such behavior and called upon leaders in Uganda to cease the trial of two men who announced to the world their love and currently are on trial and facing life imprisonment or death. Tutu joined with 60 human rights activists who fear that anti gay attitudes are transforming too many African nations into centers of hate and violence. As a Human Rights spokesperson noted: “the case(of the two men) is an affront to essential principles of non-discrimination and equality. It singles out two people as criminals simply because they love one another.”

Gay and lesbian behavior is illegal in 36 African nations. One can only wonder if in bringing Christianity to the “dark continent,” other dark notions were brought along?