Bizarre Case Of Pakistan “Terrorist?”

The strange case of Pakistani scientist Aafia Siddiqui has created a storm of protest in her native land after an American court sentenced her to 86 years in jail for allegedly aiding terrorists. The American government claims she was in possession of details of monuments, notes concerning making bombs and some cyanide– all of which are ample evidence to sentence someone to 86 years in jail. Ms. Siddiqui was seen in Karachi with her three children in 2003 and surfaced in 2008 in the hands of American authorities. She claims Americans took her to Bagram air base where she was tortured and one of her children died. US officials deny her charges. After being convicted in a Federal court where prosecutors claimed they found notes she had made that referenced “mass casualty attack” on New York City landmarks. They also insist she tried to attack a soldier who was guarding her. Ms. Siddiqui’s defense was financially supported by the Pakistan government.

The woman is undoubtedly mentally disturbed. After the conviction, she offered an emotional speech in which remarks were made such as , “I am a Muslim, but I love America. Forgive everybody in my case, please. Forgive Judge Berman.” She also claimed the 9/11 attack was a Jewish plot. Her lawyers claimed Ms. Siddiqui was paranoid, but she denied being ill. The 86 sentence infuriated millions of people in Pakistan and led to riots.

Fact one: She never did anything.

Fact two: She rambles on and on.

Send the woman back to Pakistan, sentencing her to 86 years makes no sense.