Black Baby In Maternity Ward Was ??

The MYSTERY behind the supposed birth of the man we call, Barack Obama, has become even cloudier with revelation from a Swedish woman named Monica Danielsson, that her son was in the same maternity ward with a black baby. She ASSUMES the black baby was the man who now leads the United States, but she admitted that no one told her the name of the baby. In other words, the name of the baby could have been, Donald Trump! According to Ms. Danielsson, “Obama was lying next to my Stig in the bassinet and I remember him because he was the only black child and was very cute.” OK, so there was a cute black child, OK, so she got the original copy of her son’s birth certificate, OK, so her birth certificate is the exact same as was shown by this man we call Barack Obama, but how do we know if Ms. Danielsson is not really an al-Qaeda agent who has been planted in our midst? How do we know if al-Qaeda back in the sixties sent one of their agents, this Ms “Danielsson,” to Hawaii so she would be available in 2011 to “verify” there was a black boy in the maternity ward??

As Donald Duck Trump so aptly notes, there is still MUCH to be learned about this supposed birth. We do not have the birth certificate of this Ms. Danielsson, we don’t know if she was really born in Sweden. We don’t have the birth certificates of her parents. How do we know if she is not really born in Saudi Arabia and is a Wahhabi fanatic?

Yes, Donald, there is still much that is MYSTERIOUS about this man called, Barack Obama. We need time. Thank God, we have Donald Duck on our side!