Black Clad Men And Women In Toronto

My daughter is named after the famous feminist anarchist Emma Goldman, I was once patted on the head by the great radical Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, and I never crossed a picket line in my life, but actions of black clad men and women in Toronto leave me in a state of wonder and confusion. OK, they are anti-capitalist, they are anti-police, they are anti-big business. I got that part. They enjoy throwing rocks through the windows of banks or government offices or stores owned by large companies, I got that part. They believe the world is run by male chauvinist guys(were Margaret Thatcher or Angela Merkel males?) and they want something different. That’s where they lose me. Exactly, what DO they want?

The world of 1848 that Marx described is long since gone. The world of 1914 is long since gone. Heck, capitalism of 1949 no longer exists anymore than world economics of that era is possible. These are people lacking ideas other than, “I’m against.” Their cliches lack any connection to the world of 2010.