Black Dude Must Go

The Shutdown continues, for the first time in the history of American politics a party that lost an election running on a platform to end a law is now claiming the right to end that law and would love to impeach the president who wanted that law. President Barack Obama has been charged with being a Muslim, a supporter of terrorists, a man born in the foreign country of Hawaii and you can add to the list of his crimes against the United States of America. The bottom line as to what differentiates this president from all other presidents is one word-BLACK. About one third of this nation insists Obama was not born an American and favors those of the Muslim religion who seek to destroy America. The hatred continues and the fears of a foreigner in the White House will never let up.

The fear of some Americans about the president will never cease. It is not about “the government,” it is about his skin color. Obama sends thousands of drones to kill Muslims as those who hate him charge that “he hates America.” The insane nonsense will not end until he leaves and departs for his home in Mecca!