Black Flag Of Al Shabaab In Kenya

African poverty and inept government plays out in various forms, but none so dangerous as encouraging the rise of fundamentalist forces. The Kenya government has been attempting to deal with a radical cleric, Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisel, who preaches the need for violence against the Christian world and Israel as well as the overthrow of Muslim regimes which are hostile to the fundamentalist creed. After Kenya police placed the Sheikh in jail, a crowd of young Muslim youth poured into the streets shouting for his release and waving the black flag of Al-Shabaab, the radical group which is fighting to gain power in Somalia. Police fired into the crowd which only led to more violence.

Every time the Kenya government places al-Faisal on a plane, wherever it lands that government refuses to allow him to remain and packs him back on a plane to nowhere except Kenya. Such is life when one is a radical cleric.