Black Folk Boo White Knight Of Hope

Mitt Romney never entered the fields of battle during the Vietnam war because he was in France spreading the word of Mormonism to the ignorant French masses. Of course, if Mitt had actually gone into combat there is scant doubt he would have emerged a hero. Do you want proof for this statement? Mitt Romney decided to speak at the NAACP before an audience of black folk. In other words, he risked his life in order to spread the words of free enterprise!

Mitt asked black folk to understand his love for them. “If you understood who I am in my heart” all would know the first thing on his mind is how to assist poor people, sick people, jobless people. How to do it? “To do this I will eliminate expensive non-essential programs like Obamacare.” For some reason, the audience exploded in boos.

He did promise that if elected millions of jobs would be available to the American people and that includes those with black skins. For some reason, Mitt never spells out exactly how these jobs will appear.

I just want black folk in this nation  to know that some of Mitt’s best friends are black skinned folk. Heck, he even has a maid who is black.