Black Jails In Afghanistan Still Exist!

Once upon a time in America, at least officially, we claimed to repect the Geneva Conventiions regarding treatment of prisoners, but after a few seasons of the TV series, “24” in which torture is normal behavior, many Americans have come to accept mistreatment as the norm. A report by the Open Society Foundation claims abuse of prisoners in Afghanistan is still occurring, and there are “Black Jails” in which Abu Ghraib approaches are the norm. Detainees say they are subjected to extremes of heat and cold, deprived of sleep or sufficient food, stripped naked to dehumanize them and denied the right to practice their religion. They also argue Red Cross representatives are not allowed in these jails.

Naturally, the Pentagon denies there are such places. “The Department of Defense does not operate any secret prisons,” inisted Captain Pamela Kunze. We abide by international law. Canidate Obama promised to end such abuses, but the new report insists the degradation of prisoners is happening this very year.