Black Myths In South Africa

There is an unstated topic inherent in the trial of Oscar Pistorious who shot to death his white girl friend, Reeva Steenkamp. He argues that he was frightened because he heard a noise in the bathroom and thought it was some evil burglar come to do harm. Of course, everyone knows that alleged “burglar” was a black skinned man, not only out to rob his money, but to rape his beautiful girl friend. So, what else could this brave man do but to grab a gun and blast away. The undiscussed issue in this case is the theory that a burglar–black one– could find a way into his bathroom. The overwhelming majority of wealthy white folk in South Africa live in a housing area which is more alike an armed fortress. There are armed guards and surveillance cameras all over the place. An electric fence most probably protected his home.

But in the mind of Oscar Pistorious there always lurks the “swart geevar,” the black peril whose only goal in life is to rape white women. He HAD to fire away in order to protect Reeva from the black peril lurking in the bathroom. In other words, she had to die to prevent her from being raped! Seated with the Steenkamp family in the court room are representatives from the African National Congress Women’s League. Most reports say that Oscar rarely, if ever, glances toward the Steenkamp family.