Black On White In Sweden

The northern nation of Sweden is mainly populated by those who have white skins and fair complexions so it is rather unusual to encounter those with dark skins in one’s daily life. There are only about 180,000 people who fit the description of an Afro Swede. In America, when one refers to “African Americans” it refers to those whose ancestors lived in the North American continent hundreds of years ago, but an “Afro Swede” describes someone whose parentage is of more recent times. It is estimated that anti-African attacks and prejudice has increased by at least 24% over the past two years. It is rather ludicrous to worry about fewer than 200,000 people in a society of tens of millions, but many Swedes still regard one whose skin is not white as their own to be an individual who most probably is a criminal or one living off the largese of the Swedish government.

Times become economically on the down size readily leads to feelings of anger toward those who perform work that native born people-black or white skinned–do not wish to touch. People in economically advanced societies have incredible hatred toward those who perform the dirty jobs of society arguing they “take away jobs” from those who are native born. Hogwash, if you want to pick up garbage, there is a job for you. In reality, you are happy the black skinned person is doing it!