“Black Widow” Of Al Qaeda Leader Warns France

Fatiha Meijita, widow of the al-Qaeda leader, Karim Meijita, warned France that it would be punished for “its fidelity to the United States.” Her dead husband supposedly masterminded the Moroccan tragedy of September 11, 2004 which resulted in the killing of nearly 200 people. She argued the independent policy of former French President Chirac has been replaced by President Sarkozy’s attempt to closely ally his nation with George Bush policies. “France will not longer be set apart,” she warned, “nor protected.”

This is one of many warnings from al-Qaeda leaders to European nations whose troops are fighting in Afghanistan. To what extend anyone should take seriously these dire predictions is open to question. There is little evidence al-Qaeda is in a position to inflict serious harm on the French nation.

  • Walter77777

    Oy vay iz mir! Mrs. Mehita thinks that threatening france is going to make the French decide to run and hide. Threats do little any more.

    We know that terrorists can do bad things, but we also know that we can stand up to those who threaten to use terror.