Black Women In White Italy

The Italian Parliament is rather upset because some members of the Northern League party made remarks about a woman who was in the Italian government. I am rather confused as to the reason some are upset. Roberto Calderoli simply referred to Cecile Kyenge whose skin is black as someone who resembled an orangutan. An orangutan is dark colored. Ms.Kyenge is  rather dark colored and I assume Mr. Calderoli simply gazed at her and images of apes and gorillas and other such animals entered his mind. Certainly, one can understand the apparent confusion and the reason some are re upset because when Ms.Kyenge made  a visit to the Adriatic port of Pescara, members of the Northern League hung nooses from lamp posts.

Daniele Stival, another member of the Northern League pointed out making such comparisons results in further insults to orangutans. Then again, people in the Northern League prefer such stalwart adherents of good manners  such as Silvio Berlusconi. I have a hunch there are many in Italy who prefer dark skinned folk from Sicily to dark skinned ones from Africa.