Blacks Banned From Marriage In Church!

Charles and Te’Andrea Wilson attended a church in Crystal Springs, Mississippi even though they lived in Jackson. The congregation was mainly white, but they did not have any trouble. The two decided to get married at the Baptist Church of Crystal Springs. They  sent out invitations and made arrangements. The day before the wedding Pastor Stan Weatherford informed the couple some members of the congregation did not like the idea of black bodies getting married in a white church.

Pastor Weatherford married them at a neighboring church. He admits only a few people objected but felt he did not want to create problems. Given the state if Mississippi and the number of guns in possession of its people, that might have been a wise decision. However, numerous members of the church are upset.

I sort of wonder how those who protested a black couple marrying would have felt about a dark skinned couple from the Middle East getting married in their church. You know, the place where Jesus was born!