Blackwater Guards Charged With Manslaughter

Among the many tragedies of Bush’s war in Iraq was allowing private contractors to function as a government unto themselves who were not subject to either Iraqi or American law. Finally, federal prosecutors were charged with the killing and wounding of a few dozen innocent Iraqi civilians last September. The five men face 14 counts of manslaughter and 20 counts of attempted manslaughter. The killings occurred as guards were protecting a convoy of American diplomats through the streets of Baghdad. An FBI official, Joseph Persichini, noted “the tragic events in Nissor Square on September 16 of last year were shocking an violation of basic human rights.” Numerous witnesses have come forth to describe how the contractors opened fire without any provocation on the part of Iraqis.

Of course, defense lawyers argue, “we think it’s a pure and simple case of self defense.” Defense attorneys will have a difficult time securing witnesses who would testify anyone fired on the guards. The only self defense in this case is the claim of self defense because the contractors acted in haste and, most probably, in fear of the unknown.

The real tragedy in this case is the absence of any charges against George Bush who create a war over non-existing WMD and placed people in situations in which there was no supervision over their actions.