Blackwater Operated Black Secret Missions!

Once upon a time in America we had an armed force which was responsible for fighting our wars. The armed forces were led by well trained men who had experience in the field of military tactics and regarded themselves as trained for the role of leading an armed force. But, that was before the age of George Bush. Former president George Bush who took great care to distance himself form any place where men fougtht and died, introduced the idea that civilians should be responsible for military actions, particularly civilians who made money from war. Eric Prince, founder of Blackwater, in an interview, boasted that he had been given responsibility by the CIA to conduct secret operations aimed at kiling terorists like Osama bin Laden.

The Blackwater CEO was proud that his company could become involved in these secret operations on “very risky missions” so that the CIA would not be seen as having any role. In other words, Congress was lied to by the Bush administration which never told congresional leaders about covert misisons led by men working for private companies. Actually, these operations were begun by Enrique Prado, former CIA chief of operations for anti-terrorism who quit government work, and joined the world of free enterprise where he could make more money doing the same work.

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    bush was weak and not fit to lead any thing his only concer was how he look in the history book and he even fuck that up