Blackwater USA Warned In May To Be Careful

In May of this year, Blackwater USA was one of two hundred private security firms in Iran that were warned to be on guard against getting involved with a shoot out with Iraq forces. Lawrence Peter of the Private Security Service(PSC) sent a confidential memo to other security companies to be on guard against inappropriate responses in difficult situations. “I am concerned,” said the memo, “that there is now a serious risk of a PSC detail opening fire on a police detail should the situation not feel right. PSCs must be mindful of the rule of law and appropriate response to legitimate authority.”

The concept of privatizing military operations which now results in over 150,000 private citizens allowed to use weapons in Iraq was among the greatest mistakes of the Bush administration. They opened a can of worms which has now resulted in even less support for American among the Iraqi people. The very idea that 150,000 citizens can wander around with weapons and be exempt from legal restraint is unparalleled in American history. It returns to our failure as a society to introduce a draft system if we really felt invading Iraq threatened our security. American troops were sent into Iraq without sufficient numbers as well as lacking proper equipment. President Bush is guilty of failing his military forces as well as America.