Bladder Halts Paul!

It  was just a few years ago that liberals in America filled the streets with protests against his illegal war in Iraq, his use of torture and his disregard for international law. Geoge Bush was an evil man. George Bush tortured prisoners. George Bush hid information from the public. George Bush conducted illegal bombings that led to death for innocent civilians. George and Don and Dick were men who hid behind secrecy to cover up unlawful actions. Thank God, we now have a “liberal”–according to conservatives, a Socialist– in the White House. Now, America can rest easy knowing we have a man who once taught constitutional law.

Yesterday, a prominent CONSERVATIVE, conducted a filibuster to protest the Obama administration drone policies which, according to the Attorney General, can result in the death of American citizens as long as King Obama terms them to be -TERRORISTS! Where are liberal protests? Senator Rand Paul, talked for about 11 hours abut drones and secrecy and murder of the innocent. Not a single “liberal” senator joined in his filibuster.

AConservative is the only one in the US Senate who stood up for the Constitution!!