Blair Bleats Love At Commencement

In the modern world of media, those who commit crimes invariably wind up with a gig to give a speech and receive payment for the crimes they committed. Tony Blair, former prime  minister of England, decided to support his buddy in arms, George Bush, by sending British soldiers into battle even though he knew there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in  Iraq. The Chilcot Inquiry has offered abundant proof that Blair knew no WMD existed but did not want to disappoint his buddy in terror.

Tony Blair appeared at the Colby College commencement to give a talk about his  love of peace and tranquility in the world. A few students shouted comments about his being a “warmonger” or “war criminal” but the speech went on and parents were upset that some malcontents disrupted the nice event. I am certain Tony received several thousands of dollars for his hypocrisy, but this is the modern world and  commit a crime and get paid lots of money.