Blair Lied, Bush Lied, Nothing New To The Iraq Story!

The Chilcot inquiry in the United Kingdom as to the real story behind the ill fated invasion of Iraq continues and with each passing day it becomes clearer and clearer that both Tony Blair and George Bush lied about the rationale for military intervention. The Chilcot inquiry released a letter written by Blair to George Bush. “We share the analysis, we share the concern, we are going to be with you in making sure that Saddam Hussein is faced up to his obligations and that Iraq is disarmed.” Alastar Campbell told the inquiry that he was informed by Sir John Scarlett, chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee on April 28, 2003, a month after the invasion there were no weapons of mass destruction.

A separate Dutch inquiry after studying reasons for their nation’s participation in the Iraq war concluded the Dutch government was given incorrect information by the United States and that “the military action had no sound mandate in international law.” The real question is why is anyone surprised that Bush and Blair lied?