Blame It On God!

God is a rather busy individual or God or whatever designation one seeks to bestow on the creating force of our universe. George Zimmerman is a man who became involved in a neighborhood watch group and a few months ago became engaged in a fight with a young black boy named Trayvon Martin. The end result is that George shot to death the boy. Since that moment, George has become hailed as a hero by right wing pundits, and defamed as a villain by defenders of human rights,

George gave an interview to clear up the conflict between Trayvon and himself. Thank God George was finally able to clear up this complex issue. According to George it was “God’s plan” for him to kill the boy. In the sixties we blamed all problems on hippies, and thank God today we blame droughts, tax increases, or murder on the Big Guy up in the sky. After all, if you have a universe to monitor isn’t it logical that you will zoom over to planet Earth and get George to kill a boy??