Blame It On Kenya Man!

There is now overwhelming evidence the people of America MUST elect a member of the Republican party is this nation is to avoid disaster. We simply cannot continue with a Muslim from Kenya as our leader. In a recent poll, 29% of Louisiana Republicans blame the poor government response to the Katrina disaster on the incompetence of then President Obama. For some reason, 28% blame George Bush for the 2005 disaster.About 44% simply have no one to blame.

Let me support the ideas of these wonderful Republicans:

1. There is overwhelming evidence that Barack Obama worked with the British government in 1776 to betray American rebels.
2. We know that if President Obama in 1860 had really cooperated with Southern leaders there never would have been a Civil War. If only he talked with President Lincoln, head of the Confederate government.
3. Who else but Obama was in the planes that blew up the World Trade Center?

If you do not believe me, ask any Louisiana Republican!