Blame It On Someone, Not Me!

Russian President Vladimir Putin is employing one of the oldest strategies in politics by waving the flags of fear in order to divert attention from real problems and issues confronting the people of Russia. He has employed control over the media and press to instill fears about Nazis and Fascists in Ukraine who threaten the very existence of true Russian nation. It worked in the Crimea and that area is now part of Russia. Putin is using his surrogate secret police in eastern regions of Ukraine to stir up the pot of anger and hate against the government in Kiev. Suddenly, that entity has become a “Nazi government” with its huge army of 150,000 ill armed men with a few tanks and no air force now threatening the very existence of the Russian nation! Dimitry Gukov, is a rare Russian creature, he is an opposition member of the Russian parliament and thus stands against the Putin campaign of fear and distrust.

Polls show that 85% of Russians do not want to engage in any form of protest against their government. President Putin now has the support of 82% of Russians because he “saved them from the modern Fascist government of Kiev.” According to Gukov, “Russia’s domestic policy is being conducted through Ukraine. The population reluctance to protest does not mean that it is necessarily happier or more satisfied. Citizens are being distracted from domestic problems by state authorities’ insistence on the presence of foreign enemies-in Ukraine and the West. There will come a time when authorities will no longer be able to distract Russians from their troubles at home.”

Every bully and dictator in the 20th Century used this ploy to get or maintain power. Shades of Mussolini and Hitler and Stalin.