Blame It On The Black Dude

There is one consistent complaint from Republicans as to why there are problems in the United States of America–a black dude from Africa who wormed his way into the presidency.

1. High national debt. It was $5 billion when George Bush became president in 2001 and when he left it was $11 Trillion. Why? The black man, of course.

2.The unemployment rate was about 5% when George became president and it was 10% when the black man arrived.

3. There is a scandal in the IRS under the  administration of Barack Obama. Of course, the head of the IRS was appointed by George Bush, what the heck, blame it on the black man.

4. Rich people were making out like bandits but who came along to punish these hard working folk-the Black Dude!

Senator Ted Cruz says failure to pass a “common sense immigration bill” is the fault of Barack Obama. If one passes, he will take credit and how can Republicans agree with anything desired by the black man??