Blame It On The Fortune Teller Says Thai Leader!

Thailand’s prime minister berated a local fortune teller for interfering in the affairs of his nation’s government by predicting the future. Warin Buawiratiert, the fortune teller, predicted there would be a coup in May by the Thai armed forces to overthrow the government of Prime Minister Samak Sundarvej. “I think the fortuneteller should consider whether what he said was an intrusion into my affairs. My reputation was damaged by what he forecast, but I’ll let him get away with it.” Of course, in these paranoid times, the prime minister asked: “Why is this fortuneteller taking this action? What is he thinking? Or, is someone asking him to do this? Or is he paid to do this?”

We live in interesting times when what we predict about the future is grounds for possible imprisonment. I assume if the fortuneteller predicted the prime minister would be successful this future note would be noteworthy for its accuracy.