Blame It On The Jews!

The problem in being a Jew over the past two thousand years is that whenever people are upset at something or anything they simply turn to the ever available enemy-the Jew. Most Middle Eastern people are still convinced the Mossad was behind the 9/11 bombing. They are convinced that Israel agents are stirring up trouble in Egypt in order to discredit the beloved Muslim Brotherhood. A few days ago bombers blew up cars and killed dozens of people in a Turkish border town with Syria. Mihrad Ural, former leader of “Acilcier”- the Hasty Ones– claims that Israel agents did the bombing in order to disrupt the life of our wonderful Syrian leader, President Bashar al-Assad.

“Israel has an interest in this, since the Syrian army’s recent gansshow that Bashar al-Assad is here to stay.”Let’s face it, them Jews were behind the Boston Marathon Masscre!