Blame It On The Jews!

There are certain consistencies in human history and among the most certain to arise is that any society confronting problems simply has to find a Jew and blame that person for any and all difficulties in life. Had an argument with spouse, blame it on the Jews! Lost your money at the race track-blame it on the Jews! Got fired by Mr.McCarthy-blame it on the Jews!Turkish Deputy Foeign Minister Besir Atalay explained to the media what has caused recent street demonstrations in Turkey. Most thought they had something to do with anger over construction of a park. How dumb can you get?

As Mr. Atalay knows: “there are some circles that are jealous of Turkey’s growth. They are all uniting on one side of the Jewish dispora.” Gee, I finally understand riots in Turkey, it is those damn JEWS!

Next time you lose at poker, check to see if the winner is JEWISH!