Blame It On The Jews!

The Arab League has denounced President Bashar al-Assad policies in his country which have resulted in the death of over 3,500 people. Just about every nation in the region as well as in the European Union is blasting the murderous policies of the man who does not wish to surrender any power. So, who does the government of Iran blame for Assad troubles–ISRAEL! During the 1960s, there was a song entitled, “Blame It On The Stones.” In essence the song reflected attitudes of conservative  Americans to blame all their problems on music of long haired people like the Rolling  Stones band.

Aladdin Boroujardi of the Iranian parliament clearly identified the source of discord in Syria. “The Zionist regime aims to change the structure of Syria” and this change would damage the cause of Palestinians who fight for their own land.

Growing obese, blame it on the Jews!

You’ve lost your job,  blame it on Mossad!

Your spouse wants a divorce, blame it on the Jews!

Your child got a low grade on her test, blame it on the Jews!