Blame It On The Obama Man!

Republican presidential candidates blame the current high unemployment rate on “Obama” policies and demand that he do something. The president came out for a new law, “Returning Heroes,” which would provide tax benefits for any business which hired an unemployed veteran. Current estimates are that about 12% of veterans are jobless. “If you can save a life in Afghanistan,” said the president, “you can save a life in an ambulance in Wyoming.” I guess that makes sense if you work as an ambulance driver.

Noted economist Michele Bachmann blames high unemployment on failed Obama policies. For some reason, she did not identify which of those “policies”k are responsible for causing loss of jobs. Latest figures reveal American business is sitting on about $2 Trillion and refusing to invest it in job creation. Mitt Romney argues they are uncertain and doubt government policies may lead to higher taxes for the wealthy. Of course, business leaders are celebrating high profits and high bonus payments. Naturally, that always occurs when SOCIALISTS are in power.

If Obama urged passage of job creation policies such as rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure, guess who would oppose such actions?