According to Republican Party mythology, everything in America was going fine until those damn liberals tricked the people of this nation by insisting there were no financial problems. Of course, any sensible Republican knows the ONLY way to maintain economic health is by cutting taxes on the wealthy. But, along came the Black Man and he fooled us with all this talk about failing banks and the need for high deficits. Every sane person knows when George Bush doubled the national debt from $5 trillion to $10 trillion it was done in the push toward fiscal responsibility.

Anyway, here are the latest examples of how this Obamaman has ruined the country:

Blame It On Obama

Why there are no white American tennis players in the finals!

Why the “successful Bush surge in Iraq” is now in trouble!

Why Dick Cheney has gone off his rocker.

Why people over sixty are suddenly getting white hair! Note- they are not getting black hair!

Why the Chicago Bears lost to the Green Bay Packers

Why it takes a year to fix one mile of Highway 40 in St. Louis.

Why, according to Rush Limbaugh, it is now common for black kids to beat up white kids on buses while the crowd cheers? Whatever happened to the good old days when white kids beat up black kids and Rush Limbaugh applauded!!