Blame It On The Roma!

During the 1960s, a popular song was, “Blame It On The Stones” which referred to the common practice of blaming all of society’s ills on a band which played exciting music that aroused the emotions of young people. In France, there is no need of songs, simply, blame the nation’s problems on the presence of 20,000 odd Romas. Unemployment rising-blame it on the Roma. National debt rising–blame it on the Roma. Youth unable to find jobs after graduating from college –blame it on the Roma. Wages not keeping up with prices–blame it on the Roma. Your house did not sell for the price you desired –blame it on the Roma. President Nicholas Sarkozy, whose family came from Hungary, is a true blooded Frenchman and he intends to make clear to one an all that under his administration every one of these damn illegal Roma will be rounded up and packed on planes and sent off to Auschwitz, oops, I meant back to Romania. Roma are unable to secure work, unable to live in decent housing, are at the bottom of the economic system, but for some interesting reason, this small band of 20,000 are able to control the direction of French society.

National ratings of Nicholas Sarkozy indicate his popularity has dramatically dropped. OK, raise ratings–blame it on the Roma. His economic plans are not working, obviously, it is not his fault–blame it on the Roma. When things go wrong, when your ratings drop, when the right wing yells about “those people as the source of our problems,” trump their cries of hate by becoming even more hateful. After all, France is the nation of: “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!” In the end, BLAME IT ON THE ROMA!