Blame It On Them Jews!

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has conclusive proof that Israel is behind events in Egypt. He is asking questions: “Who is behind this? Israel. We have evidence.” He has evidence that a French intellectual met with the Israeli justice minister in France before the 2011 elections.” Now, if you are looking for evidence, what better proof than this meeting between an unknown French “intellectual” and an Israeli minister to understand that Israel plotted the Egyptian coup. Let me support the argument of PM Erdogan:

1. It is a known fact that President Obama came from Kenya. Kenya is near Ethiopia. Ethiopia has thousands of Jews, some of whom migrated to Israel.What most people do not know is that President Barack Obama is Jewish!!

2. The real name of Secretary of State John Kerry has never been revealed. This intrepid reporter is ready to expose the real John Kerry. His name if Kerrfelt.

3. We have it on secret authority that Mohamed Morsi is really a Jew– his name is Morsenfeld. He became president and proceeded to wreck the economy in order to cause a coup so that his colleagues in Israel could assume power in Egypt.

Honest, that is the truth.