Members of the Republican Party suffer from a disease known as, “Bushmania.” This  disease dramatically impacts memory portions of the human mind. According to Republicans, this nation was in the midst of a great prosperity in which anyone seeking employment simply had to apply to a company which was dying to hire new employees. They were given a wonderful salary which included free medical care and their children secured free early childhood facilities. Alas, along came the black dude who sent the economy into spiral with his “government regulations” and now college students depart from college to an empty job market and $24,000 in debt. Blame it on the Obama man.

Bill Looman, head of US Cranes LLC, is convinced that Obama is the cause of all economic, social, and political problems. He now has a sign on his company’s headquarter building: NEW COMPANY POLICY: WE ARE NOT HIRING UNTIL OBAMA IS GONE.” He claims his company is unable to hire people due to “somethings in D.C.” Which regulations prevent him from hiring are still unknown.

By the way, Bill, if your teenage daughter gets pregnant, blame it on the black dude man. If your wife leaves you, blame it on the black dude man. If you start gaining weight, blame it on the black dude man. OH GOD, why can’t we get back to the good old days when George Bush inherited a budget from Bill Clinton that had a surplus?? Bill knows why!