Blame The Roma For My Poverty!!

Bad economic times invariably call for the emergence of groups seeking an answer to their impoverishment and who else would be to blame but others who also are trapped in poverty. It fascinates me how infrequently those being hit by unemployment rarely blame the boss who fired them since they prefer blaming people without jobs. In Hungary, the nationalist Jobbik party believes if one seeks answers to the current economic situation, blame it on the Roma minority. Of course, in the good old days of the 1930s the evil people were Jews. Throughout Hungary there are demonstrations against the Roma who, although poor and without any economic clout have somehow caused an economic collapse!

As Jobbik folk gathered near Roma homes they shouted: “those who don’t work shouldn’t bring children into this world. We must act now to save our future and free Hungary from gypsy crime.”

Let me get this straight. Hungarian businessmen and stock manipulators and banks caused the economic collapse. For some reason they are not  viewed as criminals, but some folk who are hungry are the culprits of economic collapse. I suspect A single banker or stock broker probably stole more money from Hungarians than all the Roma crimianls gathered together!